Backyard Farming in Kingston, Jamaica

Based on an analysis of 32 ethnographic interviews and 200 survey interviews conducted in 2008 in Kingston, Jamaica, this research investigates the multiple challenges in urban farming identified by men and women who raise chicken in Kingston, as well as their strategies for success.

Exclusion and Space in Washington, DC

Through ethnographic field observations, geographic mapping, and in-depth interviews, this research investigates the neighborhood terrain of demographic changes in a gentrified neighborhood in Washington, DC, with particular attention to the sites and spaces where race, class, and gender exclusion is produced and reinforced.

Women and Public Housing after Hurricane Katrina

This research is conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research where I served as a fellow and an analyst from 2008 to 2011. The research is based on analysis of 200+ ethnographic interviews with African American women who were displaced from public housing in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. For more information and access to related publications, click here.